BC Young Fishermen’s Network

Our Why

Our industry is short on young people. With no one to carry on the knowledge and traditions of a ‘greying’ generation of fishermen, BC’s small scale commercial fishing industry is in jeopardy.

Learn more about how we are rising to meet this challenge and support the next generation of fishers so that we can continue to see local, sustainable seafood on BC’s plates.

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Our online resource hub bridges young commercial fishermen with training, support, services, and skill development connections needed to succeed.

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Coming together is vital to keeping our young fishers afloat. It allows us to share the spirit our work on the water provides to us, our families, and our communities, and reminds us that it is a livelihood worth defending.

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There are many ways to connect and grow with our community of young fishers, mentors, and shore support folk. We’ve got your back!

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We Need Your Help

Take action to support the future of young fishermen in BC.

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