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“I wish there was something like the Young Fishermen’s Gathering when I was young, to feel better supported during those tough times- both for the knowledge of how to make it in the industry and business side of things, but maybe more importantly, for a community who can relate to the struggles and was walking that same mile.”

— Retired B.C. fisherman


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Get on the list so that skippers looking to crew up can get in touch with you!If you’re a seafood harvester looking for opportunities now or in the future, click below to fill out the form.

This is an ongoing list that will be accessible to BC seafood harvesters who are crewing up upon request so that they can connect with available deckhands.

(HEADS UP! The BCYFN doesn't do labour brokering or hiring on behalf of skippers. We’ve created the Deckhand Directory as a bridge to provide you opportunities to get calls from skippers looking to hire.)