Local connection and community is at the heart of the BC Young Fishermen’s Network. We view our sponsors as partners, working together to create the thriving sustainable fishing industry and vibrant coast we all desire for our future. By sponsoring the BC Young Fishermen’s Network, you are helping make this vision a reality in immediate, tangible ways.

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We Need Your Help

There’s a shortage of young people in our commercial fishing industry.

The current fleet of small scale commercial fishers is ‘greying out’, with the average age of Fishermen in BC over 55. In the last 30 years, regulations, resources and access changes have discouraged youth from entering, or staying in the industry.

Without access to the industry for young people, the knowledge and skills held by the aging generation will die with them.

If sustainable small-scale commercial fisheries disappear from BC, not only will it negatively impact the lives of the fishing families, it will destabilize coastal food security and devastate the economies and health of entire communities all along our coast.

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Your Gift Makes Waves

Your generosity crashes through barriers..

With your help, we can provide access, networking, training, and skill development resources to the next generation of sustainable, small-scale commercial fishers.

The positive impacts of building up a young, vibrant, and environmentally dedicated fishing fleet ripple far beyond the fishermen themselves.

By supporting the BC Young Fishermen’s Network, you’re supporting the future of Sustainable Food Security, Meaningful Livelihoods, and Thriving Coastal Communities.

  • Sustaining our Coastal Communities:
    Commercial fishing provides meaningful work to those on the water, in the seafood industry, and in shore support businesses (everything from expert boat builders to the general store in a small port community).
  • Nourishing a Growing Need:
    Local small-scale fisheries play a vital role in sustainable food systems and local food security, bringing the healthiest, cleanest protein on the planet to our homes here in BC.
  • Stewards of the Sea:
    Fishers are the original environmentalists. By working on the water, we maintain our sacred connection to the ocean, our sense of place, and our longing to protect the sea we depend on for our life and livelihoods.
  • More than Economics:
    Fishing is woven into the social and cultural fabric of our communities; creating tight networks and inspiring a sense of pride, connection, creativity, and identity.

Become a Corporate Sponsor Today

Your donation is an investment in sustainable food access, the coastal economy, and healthy, thriving communities. You’re committed to positive change, and there are many ways to create that change as a corporate sponsor and as an individual

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Make a Personal Donation

By making a personal donation to the BC Young Fishermen’s network, you make it possible for us to host activities such as training in marine safety, business skills, and sustainability awareness.

Helping young people in the fishing industry succeed helps them to keep providing sustainable, local seafood to the kitchens of your communities.

Committed to Making a Difference? You’re in Good Company!

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