Nothing beats getting in a room with like-minded folks to learn, share, and raise a glass to the unique experience of those who work on the water. Cultivating relationships and providing networking opportunities is a pillar of our work to foster community and provide supportive connections for BC seafood harvesters. We make these connections happen through gatherings, meetups, and workshops online and in person (whenever possible!!!) Be the first to get info and invites to events in the BC Young Fishermen’s Network community

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The BCYFN Annual Gathering

The 2024 edition of the Annual Gathering will be held in late January 2024 in Nanaimo, so stay tuned for upcoming details! (PS, If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter, now would be a great time to do that so we can be sure you get those details)

AKA the Event of the Season! Our flagship event, the BCYFN Annual Gathering, is a winter jolt for harvesters, supporters, and 'fishing curious' folk to learn, strategize with industry experts, and super-charge our energy as we head into the fishing seasons.

This coming together focuses on education on a cross section of topics useful to you, updates on the various BC fisheries, licensing and regulations, and knowledge swapping and networking between new and seasoned fishers and shore support folks.

Learn more about past gatherings and what to expect for this year

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Wanna Hook Up? Meetups in Your Area

2023 meetups are slated for November this year in Prince Rupert, Courtenay/Comox, Victoria, Pender Harbour, and Steveston. More details to come!

Every fall we host a series of regional meetups up and down the coast for fishers to come together and chew the fat over a pint.

These informal get-togethers, hosted by BCYFN staff and our steering committee members, also give us the chance to hear directly from you about your current needs and what we can best do to support you!

Showing Up! Making the Network Known

In the name of public visibility, we have been working avidly to get out there and make our presence known in the BC fishing community.

We attend public events and conferences to connect with fishermen, letting them know the support we offer.

We’ve also been getting in front of seafood enthusiasts to share what’s up with local fisheries and why it’s critical to vote with their wallets in support of local sea harvesters.

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Events Happen By Magic

What’s the magic? Generous businesses and individuals committed to supporting sustainable BC seafood and the future of the fishers that bring it from tide to table.

Learn more about your opportunity to be a BCYFN event sponsor (and the perks!)

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Have an idea for an event, workshop, or webinar you’d like to see? Let’s Talk!