Supporting Small Scale Seafood Harvesters is supporting Nourishment, Livelihoods, and Thriving Coastal Communities

The B.C. Young Fishermen's Network is a supportive space for the next generation of B.C.’s fishing fleet. Led by Fishers, for Fishers, we nurture the growth of BC’s small-scale seafood harvesters as they enter and grow their careers in the industry. We foster learning and networking among young fish harvesters by creating connections to the people and resources they need to succeed.

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Our Compass - BCYFN’s Guiding Principles

Fisheries are alive with possibility and a place to thrive in a vocation of purpose, passion, and adventure. We're here to support new fishers as they navigate the way.

  • Capacity Building
  • Community Engagement
  • Holistic Sustainability
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Collaboration

When we say 'young'

Fresh. New. Green. Whippersnapper*. Whatever you want to call it, we focus on supporting the next generation of BC seafood harvesters to navigate the kickoff and growth of their fishing careers. That said, the industry is always changing and there are constantly new tricks to be learned! Whether it's a greenhorn in their first season on deck, or a seasoned sailor who's been on the water for decades, our resources and network are open and welcoming to all. *and yes, you can absolutely still be a 'whippersnapper' at +55...we happen to know a few of them.

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Meet the BCYFN Team

The BCYFN is a fisherman to fisherman network. Our direction comes from a volunteer steering committee of young harvesters across the coast and across fisheries. The TBuck Suzuki Environmental Foundation provides the backbone of support for the Network.

Our Steering Committee:

Joel Collier

Melissa Collier

Chelsey Ellis

Jim Gibbins

Alicia Noble-Kats

Bonnie Dennis

Galen Noble-Kats

Kyle Louis

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Are you a seafood harvester looking to participate in our network’s governance? Connect with us to learn about joining our steering committee.

Fish Tales

Discover the lives, loves and labours of the young men and women who work BCs coastal waters.

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