Seafood harvesting provides work with integrity, allowing fishers and communities to be closer connected to the health of their marine environments and food systems.

We help foster a future for the next generation of BC’s small scale commercial fishers through our commitment to the pillars of Community Building, Education and Support, and creating Public Awareness.

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Community Building

We provide space in-person and online for young fishermen to connect with each other and other supporters across the industry.

Learn together at our Annual BCYFN Gathering, grab a pint at our meetups, read up on the latest through our newsletter, and follow our social media for highlights of B.C.'s amazing fishing people and seafood.

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Education and Support

We offer skill building opportunities and access to industry experts, resources, events and opportunities across the coast.

Connect with experts, mentors, skills training, and the business and personal support you need through our resource listings.

Public Awareness

We share and celebrate the stories of BC’s young harvesters, our coastal communities, fisheries and seafood with the greater seafood audience through social media, conference engagements and event appearances.

Catch us at events across the coast engaging with the public about our harvesters history and future, BC seafood, and how consumers can support local fishing families.

Using the power of social media & storytelling, we're making ourselves known by connecting seafood lovers with the people behind what lands on their plates. Get hooked up with our social media and newsletter to stay on top of where we are and what we’re up to!

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Stay in the Know

Keep up to date on all things on the go with the BCYFN.

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